<![CDATA[The golden pineapple - Blog]]>Wed, 06 Jan 2016 11:22:23 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[An Indian Summer Recipe: Vegan Keralan Ice Cream]]>Thu, 15 Oct 2015 09:14:42 GMThttp://golden-pineapple.weebly.com/blog/an-indian-summer-recipe-vegan-keralan-ice-creamWe're not going to try and pretend that this healthy version of ice cream will replace that tub of Ben & Jerry's you buy with the intention of saving it for the occasional treat, but demolish before it makes it to the freezer. Been there. We will say that this comes pretty close...and, as there are only 3 ingredients, that are all natural, you can eat it for breakfast and laugh in the face of guilt. Winner. 

This Banana, Cashew and Coconut ice cream is inspired by the flavours of tropical Kerala, in the South of India. In Kerala, your garden is your supermarket. Bananas, Coconuts, Mangoes, Cashews, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Pepper, Tea and Coffee are just a few things that are readily available. Watch out for the mangoes though, there's a similar looking fruit that has been dubbed 'The Suicide Fruit,' as it's seeds cause instant death if eaten...a bit more risky than Tesco's then.  

Luckily, this recipe is dairy, guilt and risk free, as well as being super easy!
1. Put frozen banana, cashew butter and coconut into food processor.
2. Turn on and mix until smooth.
3. That's it! Quicker than you can say Ben & Jerry's. Almost. 

We didn't add any honey or maple syrup as the ice cream is naturally quite sweet. Feel free to add as per your taste. 

For decoration, we toasted some cashew nuts drizzled with honey - delicious when served warm on top of your ice cream! 
Enjoy your guilt-free treats!

J & R
<![CDATA[An Indian Summer Recipe: White Chocolate and Cardamom Mousse]]>Thu, 24 Sep 2015 10:04:30 GMThttp://golden-pineapple.weebly.com/blog/an-indian-summer-recipe-white-chocolate-and-cardamom-mousseOur first Indian Summer recipe is a dessert that tastes like it takes a lot of time and effort, but actually takes hardly any of either (the best kind). Some of the Indian sweets and desserts we tried had an intense cardamom flavour, which became a bit overpowering for our bland British palettes. Teamed with white chocolate, though, the subtle cardamom flavour is warm and comforting - for when these sunny September days turn to chilly evenings. 

1. Take around 8 cardamom pods and give them a bit of a bash. Put the crushed pods and milk in a saucepan and heat gently, removing from the heat just before it comes to the boil.
2. Melt the white chocolate.
3. Whisk egg whites into stiff peaks.
4. Whisk cream until it is thick and forms soft folds. (Be careful not to over-whisk - Rhiannon ruined Christmas once when she turned the trifle cream into butter)
5. Sieve the milk into the white chocolate, add lime zest and stir well with a whisk.
6. Use a metal spoon to gently mix the chocolate mixture with the egg whites. 
7. Fold in whipped cream. 
8. Pour into individual pots or teacups.
9. Leave in the fridge to set for a few hours.

To decorate:
We decided to attempt henna decorations with chocolate and caramel icing. Alternatively you could dust with cocoa powder or serve with berries if you're still feeling summery!
We made these to have for dessert after a sunny barbecue. Once it had started to get dark and we had candles and blankets at the ready they were the perfect comforting treat! 


J & R
<![CDATA[An Indian Summer]]>Tue, 22 Sep 2015 10:04:54 GMThttp://golden-pineapple.weebly.com/blog/an-indian-summerAfter speculation every year over the mythical Indian Summer, it's safe to say that this year...it happened. The weather in our little corner of the world has been beautiful and we're really happy about it. 

BUT...as the mornings grow foggier and the sunny days are interrupted with the more familiar grey skies, we can't help but feel like we're counting down the days. I know...we're spoilt.

So, we have decided to hold on to these last days for as long as possible, and theme our posts for the next few weeks in celebration of this year's Indian Summer. 
We were lucky enough to visit India earlier this year and were completely overwhelmed by the colours, tastes, smells, patterns, sounds...everything. From standing in countless open train doorways with a sugary chai in hand, to lazing on a houseboat on Srinagar's sleepy Dal Lake, to eating a pile of fish curry alongside a thousand other people, to weaving through dusty traffic and camels on the back of a moped, to battling through busy markets with sparkling saris on either side, to standing on top of a fort in thunder and lightening, to watching the red moon rise over the desert...the weird and wonderful list goes on.
This week we will be sharing some recipes inspired by the flavours of India - some to warm you up, some to cool you down...perfect for the changeable weather of the season! 

Happy Monday,

J & R

<![CDATA[Weekend Photo Diary: Columbia Road]]>Fri, 11 Sep 2015 10:05:29 GMThttp://golden-pineapple.weebly.com/blog/weekend-photo-diary-london
Hailing from the depths of Cornwall, spoilt by sea air, open spaces and a pace of life that is close to standing still,  I tend to imagine London as a grey, noisy, smoky monster that eats your money and steals your soul...certainly no place for country dwellers. 

What we found this weekend was enough to rid me of my London phobia forever... so many colours! No grey monsters here. 

A touch late, but hope you had a good weekend!


<![CDATA[HI]]>Mon, 31 Aug 2015 10:08:22 GMThttp://golden-pineapple.weebly.com/blog/hiWelcome to The Golden Pineapple!

We are two Cornish sisters, Jaz and Rhiannon, and will be using this blog as a place to document nice things from day to day life as well as some of our creative projects.

Image via Pinterest
 The Golden Pineapple came about in the most exotic of circumstances: a drizzly Wednesday morning at our local car-boot sale. Amongst the old salad spinners, baby clothes and broken toys a tiny golden pineapple shaped pot sparkled and attracted our shiny-thing-obsessed senses. We asked the price (50p) and, in true car-boot fashion, refused to pay such an extortionate fee and left…pineapple-less.

 Little did we know that that tiny golden pineapple would play on our minds for months to come and we were always left wondering…what if? 

A favourite few from our pineapple collection...
Since then, we’ve become a little obsessed. We always look out for any golden pineapple themed goods we can find, and have traipsed the car-boot more than once hoping to find that little pot again. The golden pineapple fast became a symbol of the things we come up with as sisters and talk endlessly about over cups of tea, always getting a bit carried away but never quite knowing what we would do with our ideas.

And so this little blog was born, as somewhere to keep our thoughts and to write, draw, photograph and share the things we love.

We hope someone somewhere might like what they find here, please let us know if you do!

Jaz and Rhiannon